Alright, so you wanna learn how to Play our Card Game? Well here's the rules!

The BasicsEdit

So, you start of start off with a Deck of 41 Cards. In this Deck you will have; Creatures, Items, Enviroments, Magic and a Deck Master (Main Card in the Deck). 1 Creature can be summoned during your turn, if you do summon a monster you can not summon another one in the same turn.

The ObjectiveEdit

The objective of the game is to defeat the opposing Magician. How ? The goal is simple. You have to defeat their Deck Master by reducing it's Health to 0. But it's not simple !

How to meet your objectiveEdit

To reduce your opponent's Deck Master's Health to 0, you have to attack it either with your own Creatures or your Deck Master. Now, your opponent's Deck Master has all his Creatures to Defend it, so to be able to attack his Deck Mater, you need to defeat his creatures. Now, a Deck Master can only attack once all of the creatures cast by the Magician are gone. So if you're not careful, you could be unleashing your opponents Deck Master just after your attacks ! 

Creatures, Magic, Items, and FieldsEdit


Creatures are the main arsenal of a Magicians Force. They're used for multiple things. First off, they defend your Deck Master from the opponent simply by being there. Secondly, they take out enemy forces to allow attacks on their Deck Master. Thirdly, they aid in the assault my taking out the Deck Master.

A player can only control up to 3 Creatures at a time. And they can only be summoned one at a time.

A Magician also has the ability to hide his Monsters on the Battlefield, making them able to perform Stealthy Attacks.


Magic is a cast by the Magician, used to create powerful effects for your Creatures and to Weaken or Cut Off Enemy Resources as well as Weaken them. Magic can also be used to affect your Items and Special Abilities.


Items are used in Battle to give the player who uses them an advantage for a longer duration of time.


The Environment cards summon plains adapted to the Magicians Creatures Natural Habitat, boosting it's Power or Defense.