Magician's Crown is a Role-Playing World created by ECM Productions. This Role-Playing World mixes too genres that were never thought to be mixed. Fighting and Card Games.


The setting of Magician's Crown is in a modern 21st century world. People still have regular technology and all of that. But in this modern day world there are extraordinary humans who are called magicians. They perform magic tricks, and the magicians them self no that they are indeed tricks and not actual magic. But what these magicians don't know is that magic is indeed real, and the best magicians of the world get sucked into a different world where the technology is extremely advanced and mythical creatures exist. There now new career is going for the Magician's Crown, as the only way to get out this world is to participate in the competition. Whoever wins the Crown gains real magic. Now this crown isn't suppose to be easy to get so these Magicians create contracts with creatures to summon them through Casting Cards. When two Magicians engage in combat with these cards. It is called a Chaos Cast, where these Magicians use their unique magical abilities along with the help of their cards. There are other cards besides creatures to, also being environment cards which can effect the environment. These cards are obtained by absorbing the essence of an environment within an empty card. Another type of card are items, which you can scan on an empty card by going to that item's location.


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