This is a Starter Deck available at the Magical Card Shop. It consists of fighting with cyborgs and machines, each equipped with terrifying arsenals that blow away the competition. Their thick hides are perfect for defense, though these creatures of industry take a more aggressive approach to battle. It is recommended for beginners.

Card ListEdit

  • Cybernetic King Alpha x1
  • Cybernetic Rook Gamma (Creature) x1
  • Cybernetic Bishop Beta (Creature) x1
  • Cybernetic Knight (Creature) x2
  • Cybernetic Pawn (Creature) x4
  • Landmine (Creature) x2
  • Assault Carrier (Creature) x3
  • Aerial Drone (Creature) x4
  • Ground Drone (Creature) x4
  • Magnetic Attraction (Magic) x4
  • Weapon Transformation (Magic) x3
  • Heavy Artillery (Item) x3
  • Adaptive Armor (Item) x2
  • Rocket Booster (Item) x2
  • Factory (Environment) x2
  • Futuristic Metropolis (Environment) x3
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